Making Technology work

We drive the core IT functions of your Business so you don’t have to, making Technology work for you.

About Us

Techora by nature is an IT service provider, serving to uphold client’s IT requirements and infrastructure in the highest possible level.
Techora Strives to provide quality support and to maintain clients core business needs to its fullest, from sales to support.


Techora provides a support based SLA designed around the client’s core business functions in terms of IT requirements and needs.


IT and ITC requirements management

When it comes to business needs we do an onsite assessment to check requirements for IT and ITC in order to supply a quality solution that suits the core business needs without breaking the bank.

Personalised systems Configuration and implementation to meet core business needs

Fully spec’d customised solutions to enhance IT productivity and reduce downtime without compromising the core day-to-day business functions, while meeting the needs of the organisation at the most affordable cost.

Networking and infrastructure configuration

Making sure your network and IT infrastructure is correctly configured to optimise data throughput and lessen downtime in productivity is key to any organisation using IT and ITC systems.


Routine maintenance is paramount to any business, to ensure that systems and users run seamlessly without compromising business productivity and effecting core business needs.

Server management

Servers run the core functions of a business and or user activity, making sure that your servers are setup correctly and are optimised to carry out these functions is of utmost importance.

Backup Solutions

We supply customised backup solutions with third party specialists onsite and cloud based to ensure that there’s data redundancy and supply the best possible solution to suite your business needs.